Multiple Message Types

With VOLO, you can easily craft messages to be sent through voice calls, SMS text messages, email, push notifications, desktop pop-ups, and more. Every person in your organization has a preferred method of communication. When you need your message to be received, VOLO’s ability to send multiple message types guarantees no- one is left behind.

Desktop + Mobile

Whether you're sitting at your desk or on the go, VOLO provides easy-to-use features to help you quickly craft and send your important messages without interruption. Easily craft messages on the fly or save message scenarios for planned events and launch them with the press of a button. VOLO makes it easier than ever to get your important messages out and keep operations running smoothly and safely.

Save Time with Scenarios

VOLO Scenarios save precious time by allowing you to craft messages in advance for any situation you can think through ahead of time. These time-saving, pre-crafted messages are especially beneficial for emergency situations as well as daily messages that need to be sent frequently. Scenarios can even be triggered through IoT monitoring and alerting or turned into software panic buttons.

Critical Alert Volume Override

Through the VOLO Touch mobile app, your team’s administrators can enable Critical Alerts to override the volume settings of a recipient’s mobile device so that even if the recipient’s phone is on silent or do not disturb, it will still sound an alert to help ensure they receive critical messages.

Smart Surveys

VOLO allows you to craft surveys with customizable questions and answer trees for any situation. Answers can easily route to different follow-up questions depending on which selection is made. You can also customize completion pages to give specific instructions based on how recipients respond. Like other message scenarios, surveys can even be scheduled to go out automatically on specific days and times.

Panic Buttons for Staff

VOLO allows you to turn any pre-crafted messaging Scenario into a software panic button, easily accessible for your employees via the VOLO Touch app on their mobile devices. Determine the message recipients, message formats, and communication in advance and deliver the messages any time with the swipe of a button. All Panic Buttons are fully customizable and can be made for virtually any situation.

Instant Conference

Some situations require a live conversation between multiple team members as quickly and easily as possible. VOLO's reverse conference bridge allows you to set up a Scenario in advance with all contacts needed on a conference call. When the scenario is launched, all participants will receive a phone call and be merged into a conference line. Conference Bridges can also be activated by panic buttons for ease of use.

Easy Templates

VOLO’s QuickLaunch Templates allow you to store messages in advance that may be timely to craft in an emergency or anticipated situation. The use of custom placeholders within the message body allows pertinent details that may be subject to change to be inserted upon launch, without having to create the entire message from scratch.

ThunderCall Weather Alerts

VOLO’s patented ThunderCall is the most accurate and fastest severe weather technology available. ThunderCall is directly connected to NOAA’s weather satellites— the instant severe weather is detected, ThunderCall messages are launched through the VOLO system and can be sent via voice, SMS text, email, and push notifications. ThunderCall alerts provide immediate notice if severe weather is on a trajectory to impact any of your monitored locations, whether that be HQ, DC’s, or employee home addresses.
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