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VOLO provides a suite of software communication tools to help you keep your operations running smoothly. Our web platform and mobile application make communicating with your employees easy and effective. Whether you need to send a simple communication in a timely manner or manage an emergency situation, VOLO provides a wide variety of ways to manage your organization's communication needs.
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Our Patented Technology Helps Eliminate Human Error

VOLO’s patented geo-fencing technology enables our smartphone app to automatically associate each user with the correct location within your organization, giving them access to the unique panic buttons, contacts, and messaging scenarios that have been designated for that location. Employees will never have to remember to manually associate themselves with the correct database when traveling to different locations within your organization.
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ThunderCall Weather Alerts

VOLO’s patented ThunderCall is the most accurate and fastest severe weather technology available. ThunderCall is directly connected to NOAA’s weather satellites— the instant severe weather is detected, ThunderCall messages are launched through the VOLO system and can be sent via voice, SMS text, email, and push notifications. ThunderCall alerts provide immediate notice if severe weather is on a trajectory to impact any of your monitored locations, whether that be HQ, DC’s, or employee home addresses.

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