VOLO provides a suite of software communication tools to help businesses keep their employees safe and their operations running smoothly. We specialize in critical message delivery and have been at the forefront of emergency communication technology since the company was founded in 2008.

Our History

In 2003 Robert Tuttle and Mark Edwards founded Emergency Communication Network (ECN) with the dream of deploying the first “cloud based” reverse 911 capability. Their services were made available exclusively to city and state agencies to communicate critical information directly to their citizens via high-speed, prerecorded telephone calls. ECN’s “CodeRed” was the first ever service of its kind, and utilized emerging telephonic capabilities (merging of telephone and computer power) to provide incredibly fast and pinpoint targeted critical communication. Using the first ever map based target selecting technology available via the internet (Software as a Service), CodeRed quickly became the fastest growing emergency communication tool ever invented, being used by more than 1,200 cities, emergency management operation centers and police departments by the time the founders exited the business in 2011.

After developing the technology which revolutionized the emergency notification industry, the team shifted their focus toward providing similar capabilities for use by non-government institutions. For the past decade Volo’s team has provided our clients with critical communication solutions designed to keep their people safe and their operations running smoothly.

Our newest patented Active Shooter Awareness Program’s GeoFence data system (US Patent #11,146,912)  is a groundbreaking invention which removes the possibility of critical human errors inherent in earlier, less sophisticated software panic button solutions. Our Team is constantly innovating, keeping us in a position of leadership within the high-speed messaging industry.

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